Cajun Land Brand™ is the retail product of Deep South Blenders Inc., a spice company located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Deep South Blenders Inc. has been blending spices for over 29 years. Since 1972, our main business has been custom blending spices for major stores and restaurants in Louisiana. With our success in the wholesale market we decided in 1984 to apply our spice expertise to the retail market. Thus the birth of Cajun Land Brand™ spices.

Cajun Land Brand™
A Local Favorite Since 1984

In 1984, Deep South Blenders expanded into retail by launching its Cajun Land Brand of seasonings. The first products were sold in little packets dangling from whatever shelf space a store could spare. Today, the Cajun Land Brand has grown to over 40 items and competes with nationally branded products. It has become one of the fastest selling Cajun product lines in the Southeast.